KICKBOXING for adults

Congratulations on starting your 7 day FREE trial for Kickboxing at MSD EVOLUTION.

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"HIT TO GET FIT" 30 days £29

Join professional instructors Mike & Andree for your 30-day “Hit To Get Fit” program guaranteed to rocket your fitness level, feel stronger gain more flexibility, and have more energy. Workout with like-minded adults who have also started the 30-day program. Nothing beats smashing the pads and punch bags to energize you while helping to destress from daily life. 


"HIT TO GET FIT" 30 Days For £29!

Choose Any Day To Start Your hit to get fit sessions.

Mixed Classes Monday 6pm – Tuesday 6pm & 7pm –

Wednesday 7pm (Ladies Class) – Thursday 6pm & Friday 7pm


ABSOLUTELY! Every class is 100% beginner-friendly and 99% of our members have never done any kickboxing before!

YES OF COURSE YOU CAN! Just book your place today and try out 14 days for FREE, Once you are happy then you can grab that offer! 

ONLY IF YOU WANT TO! But most members come for the workout! You do get to punch and kick our professional punching bags as hard as you want, though!

YES! The majority of our classes are en, however, we have many female members also! and a ladies-only session on a Wednesday at 7 pm.

YES! loads of our members have never worked out or done kickboxing before starting. You’ll be in good company!

ABSOLUTELY! Just let us know their name! All of our members are a supportive and friendly bunch so don’t worry if come on your own. 

JOGGER, SHORTS, LEGGINGS TSHIRT VEST! No need for trainers we have a soft floor.

30 Days For Only £29.00

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Blast Your Metabolism

Rocket Fitness Level

More Flexibility

Better Stamina

Boost Energy

FREE Kickboxing Drills ebook

FREE Flexibility for kicks ebook

FREE HIIT Workout ebook

Punch Trackers to help your motivation and beat your score!

At MSD Evolution kickboxing we also have punch trackers to track how hard you hit, how many punches you throw, all in an easy app!

You’ll be able to keep track of your progress, know when you’ve beaten your previous score, and it will even show you when you are hitting harder! 

Stay extra motivated during your workout by keeping track of your score on one of our 70” 4K mounted display!

Take on the 1000 punch challenge today!

Mike & Andree are passionate about teaching martial arts and want to share their enthusiasm for the sport with you while helping you achieve your goals and targets and having a great time along the way in this amazing facility with every you need to enjoy your Kickboxing journey.

This is our full-time facility in Bishops Cleeve. 

ADULTS KICKBOXING "Ultimate 30 Days" is a guaranteed to work program.

"HIT TO GET FIT" 30 Days £29

Any questions please ask! We are here to help you achieve your goals. 

Mike: Direct 07919 282151