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MMA Classes 15+


What will the 8 weeks cover?

Mixed Martial Arts can be broken down into four main elements, starting with Stand up striking, Wrestling, Take downs & Groundwork.

In our 8 week basics and beyond program you will spend 2 weeks on each discipline learning the basics and fundamentals of each, dont worry you wont learn everything but it will give you a fantastic starting point, some students focus on one element and some mix and match its totally upto you. 

Our MMA sessions dont have a grading system for belts just train for for fun and learning, students that want to go though the belt systems normally focus on one discipline, the choice is yours.     

This course is ideal for beginners who want to learn safely in a nurturing environment without the worry of having to do sparring practice of competitions.  

Striking techniques for MMA including punches, kicks, knees, elbows then how to link them into combinations.

Wrestling techniques for MMA including controlling posture and balance of opponent which can lead to take downs or strikes.

Take downs for MMA can be linked from strikes or wrestling, we will run through the basics to start with.

Groundwork for MMA includes submissions and striking while controlling your opponent on the ground.

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This Fantastic offer for new members only is amazing value, you can choose to train from 1 to 4 times a week also choosing the days you train the choice is yours.

Also included in this course price is a pair of wraps and boxing gloves, personalised training t-shirt to get you going, we have our very own online shop where you can buy any training kit and we have our sister company KEETT clothing for all our in house printing of training gear.

Course costs £50 includes Wraps, Gloves & T-shirt
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