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Building Confidence in kids!

Through martial arts we build confidence and grow self esteem by showing children that they can learn a certain technique or move and that no one else in the room cares about how bad they think they look as they are focusing on their own techniques.

On average we have children training 2 times a week some more so helping a child to grow once or twice a week for 50 minutes is a slow progression but daily nurturing from parents can really make a difference.

Some tips on development:

1. Do Things Together.

Every day for best results sing a song together or talk about a cartoon building a strong relationship in each other, be Scooby Doo or do something unique that only your family knows.

2. Get Them active.

Self-confidence starts with a healthy body and mind; when a kid exercises regularly, eats healthy, stays hydrated, and gets a good night’s sleep, their brain creates positive pathways not just for physical, but for emotional health, too. So make sure your kids are moving, and, more importantly, that they get their exercise in while doing something they love – let them choose some times activity!

3. Be Amazed Together.

When teaching younger children 3,4 & 5 I’m still amazed my self how much a child loves how you can simply spin a hoola hoop to come back to you, as a kid I used to love this it was such aa amazing thing to be able to do, flying a kite for the first time is such an awesome feeling for youngsters, “wow wow your doing it your flying it” 🙂 praise with the amazement and watch your child smile in belief.

5. Empower them.

Pretending to be spider man or a princess is great role play and fantastic for imagination but one day they realize they are not and I’ve seen at first hand the disappointment that that can bring “I cant do that I’m only human” as one boy said to me, empowering your child to believe in them selves and grow from from the inside is an absolute necessity and once they realize how to achieve life skills things will change for them.

End of lesson energy shout “WE ARE AWESOME”

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